Season 3, Episode 6 ( Billy)

Two episodes back to back where the women are powerful and strong! Ok, I see you Joss Whedon, especially for this showing being over 10 years old that is impressive.  It is about time that Cordy is learning to fight, she has been with Angel since the beginning and really should have been trained from the very start. It makes me sad that the writers most likely wrote that Cordy was being trained because of what Billy could do. But ignoring that small doubt, in impressed with Cordy and Lilah. Cordy didn’t just let Angel handle the situation himself or let Angel take all of the blame. In the end, she was the one that found Billy first and I do believe that she would have shot him with that arrow if Angel did not stop her. And Cordy convinced Lilah to help, something that Angel was unable to do, by tapping into her bitch persona. Definitely, would have never thought of that myself so way to go Cordy. I’m not sure if I’m happy that Lilah killed Billy. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy he is dead, but I wonder if she did that for the betterment of the world or because it would hurt her career if Billy was to get away. I want to give Lilah the benefit of the doubt but she’s evil so I’m not really sure she deserves it. Oh for a minute I thought Cordy was going to torture Lilah, and I promise I’m not a sadistic person, but I would have been totally fine with that. Anyways on to lighter things, Wesley and Fred?? I’m not sure if I like them as a couple but I’m interested in seeing how it will play out. I just don’t like the idea of two really smart people together like that is their only option. Smart people can be with brawn as well as brains. My favorite part when Gunn tried to rescue Fred but only ended up making things worse. So Fred handled Gunn and Wesley by herself.


Season 3, Episode 5 ( Fredless)

Awww I really enjoyed this episode. I loved that Fred got her own episode so early in the season. I totally fell for the “Fred’s parents are evil” storyline. It seemed so simple, especially because I really did not want Fred to leave. So if her parents had to be evil in order for Fred to stay I was totally fine with it. In the end, I’m really glad Fred finally found her place in the group.  Even though I really liked Fred I was tired of her being the defenseless damsel in distress character. We all knew she was really smart and it was getting annoying that she was relying so heavily on Angel and everyone else in the group, for even simple things like leaving the hotel. I was also annoyed with how little Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn seemed to know about Fred. Come on guys she has been living with y’all for months and the only things you know about her is that she likes tacos and once worked at the library. That is so very sad. Anyways I can not wait to see what other bad ass invention Fred comes up with! Also, poor Lorne seems so depressed about the bar. Gunn really needs to offer to help fix the bar, especially since it was partially his fault that it got destroyed. But Lorne also needs to remember who helped him back in his home dimension. My favorite part is a tie between the moment Fred lists what each member of the group does for the group ( Angel is the champion, Wesley is the brains, Cordy is the heart, Gunn is the muscle) and when she and angel are on their ice cream date in the sewers.

Season 3, Episode 1 (Heartthrob)

I think this episode was a great premiere episode. Obviously, Holtz will be an important character later on in the season. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have introduced him. I’m super excited that they kept Fred and brought her back in this season and I hope it’s not a limited role. I interested in seeing how she contributes to the team. Up until now, I haven’t put much stock in Cordelia but she seems to be evolving from the stick princess she was in the last two seasons. Yea I know she got more serious in season 2 but the season 2 finale really showed how little she had changed. I’m now wondering when her an angel are just going to get together already. Stop playing games with us, Angel is already half in love with her. This episode proved that he really wasn’t that into Buffy, no matter what Cordelia “knows”. Last of all DARLA is pregnant!? How in the hell did this happen? I can’t wait to see how they explain how she got pregnant.  Angel is obviously the father. This will bring out a whole new side of him? What kind of father will he be? What kind of mother will Darla be? Will the child survive? This has definitely piqued my interest. My favorite part of the episode was how dude just hopped on the back of the train and no one in the station questioned it. I know the trains move fast, but c’mon you had to have seen a man just hanging on the side of the train. Also, no one reacted when the dude just busted into the train through the window. Idk maybe these things are normal occurrences for LA.

Season 3, Episode 3 (That Old Gang Of Mine)

First off RIP Merl. I love when they do episodes that focus on other characters besides Angel. Beside his introduction episode last season, Gunn has never really had an episode about him. I could really relate to this episode because it’s really hard to balance your past with where your life is now. Gunn had moved on to bigger, not necessarily better, things and he and his old crew couldn’t accept it. Rondell was an idiot, though, for not checking Gio’s background and for just falling for Gio’s bullshit. Obviously, Gio is a horrible person that has some deeper issues and you’re just going to take his word and following, I don’ think so! And then on top of all of that Gunn lets, Gio basically manipulate him into killing that demon. Gunn annoyed me when they all got to the club because he struggled so much to make the right choice. I was honestly afraid that he was going to kill Angel( though not really otherwise the show would be over). Oh and he also annoyed me when he was questioning Wesley about investigating the deaths of the demons. You’ve been in this game long enough to realize that not all demons are evil/bad, such as the Host, and for you to just group all demons together as bad is ignorant and stupid. Especially coming from a black man! Come on Gunn get your fucking act together. My favorite part was when Wesley laid down the law, basically reminding everyone who is really in charge at Angel investigations.

Season 4, Episode 4 (Carpe Noctem)

I normally don’t enjoy episodes where characters switch bodies because it seems so obvious to the viewer that character is different. I think Angel did body switching well. Yea I knew from the start that it wasn’t Angel, but I could see how the others still thought Angel was the same. They kept everything very vague, plus this old man ( i literally just got done watching the episode but I already forgot this man’s name and I’m too lazy to look it up) had a lot of experience switching bodies so he knew how to act without arousing suspicion. I’m most disappointed in Lilah, I felt like she of all people should have known that Angel was acting differently. Not only does she know that Angel despises everything about her and Wolfram and Hart and would never accept her help under any circumstances, but she should also know him like that back of her hand. You know what they say, “Know thy enemy more than you know thy self”, or something like that. The point is she should have realized that it wasn’t Angel, especially when he started drinking alcohol! Sure if he was Angelus he would trick her into sex so that he could bite her, but even as Angelus he surely wouldn’t be drinking alcohol. It’s not like he needed to get Lilah drunk so that she would sleep with him. I would have loved for “old man” Angel to go out in the sun and for him to learn the hard way he was a vampire. They made discovering that he was a vampire too easy for the old man. Omg, I almost forgot how this episode ended: BUFFY. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. First, let me start off by saying that I am not a huge fan of Buffy, I find her treatment of Angel especially rude. Anyways I can’t believe she is alive again. I am so tired of this Buffy story line, every time Angel could possibly move on to a healthy relationship up pops Buffy. She needs to leave Angel alone, especially because I don’t believe that she is the love of Angel’s life. She definitely taught Angel how to love again, but calling her the love of his life is going way too far. I swear to god if she pops up in the season I AM GOING TO SCREAM. My favorite part of this episode was when Fred hit Angel that extra time. He really did deserve it. You go, girl! Overall it was hard for me to choose a favorite part because this episode wasn’t very interesting.

Season 3, Episode 2 (That Vision Thing)

“ I’ll just deal with the consequences when they happen.” You got to be fucking kidding me Angel. I was so annoyed with him this entire episode. First, he didn’t even try to save Cordelia on his own before caving to Lilah. Then he doesn’t even ask who he is rescuing. Sure she very well may have ignored his question or refused to answer but c’mon Angel. You have got to do better than this. This was definitely a filler episode I think. Right? They’ve already introduced Holtz as the possible bad guy. They wouldn’t have two bad guys in such a short amount of time, would they? I hate when series do that. I feel like it’s an excuse to not just develop on bad guy fully. You have to be able to see the bad guys point of view for them to be a bad guy. If I can’t relate to the bad guy in some way, even small, then I don’t think that it is a very good bad guy. Again when will Angel and Cordelia just reveal their feeling for each other already!! I’m tired of the games y’all. Awww and Fred is so cute! I can’t believe they are already trusting her with tasks, but it gives me hope that they won’t kill off her character. Back to Angel, is no one going to call him on killing that guy? Like yeah, he fucked with Cordelia and could have killed her, but he was just doing a job he was hired for. If you’re going to kill someone kill Lilah, she is the mastermind behind this. Plus he wasn’t even given a fair fight in the end. So Darla isn’t a good mother, I can’t say I am surprised that she tried to kill her child. I actually would’ve been more surprised if she all of a sudden turned matronly. My favorite part of this episode was the casual conversation Angel had with the guard. I just about died when they started talking about the commute to work.

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