Season 3, Episode 1 (Heartthrob)

I think this episode was a great premiere episode. Obviously, Holtz will be an important character later on in the season. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have introduced him. I’m super excited that they kept Fred and brought her back in this season and I hope it’s not a limited role. I interested in seeing how she contributes to the team. Up until now, I haven’t put much stock in Cordelia but she seems to be evolving from the stick princess she was in the last two seasons. Yea I know she got more serious in season 2 but the season 2 finale really showed how little she had changed. I’m now wondering when her an angel are just going to get together already. Stop playing games with us, Angel is already half in love with her. This episode proved that he really wasn’t that into Buffy, no matter what Cordelia “knows”. Last of all DARLA is pregnant!? How in the hell did this happen? I can’t wait to see how they explain how she got pregnant.  Angel is obviously the father. This will bring out a whole new side of him? What kind of father will he be? What kind of mother will Darla be? Will the child survive? This has definitely piqued my interest. My favorite part of the episode was how dude just hopped on the back of the train and no one in the station questioned it. I know the trains move fast, but c’mon you had to have seen a man just hanging on the side of the train. Also, no one reacted when the dude just busted into the train through the window. Idk maybe these things are normal occurrences for LA.


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