Season 3, Episode 3 (That Old Gang Of Mine)

First off RIP Merl. I love when they do episodes that focus on other characters besides Angel. Beside his introduction episode last season, Gunn has never really had an episode about him. I could really relate to this episode because it’s really hard to balance your past with where your life is now. Gunn had moved on to bigger, not necessarily better, things and he and his old crew couldn’t accept it. Rondell was an idiot, though, for not checking Gio’s background and for just falling for Gio’s bullshit. Obviously, Gio is a horrible person that has some deeper issues and you’re just going to take his word and following, I don’ think so! And then on top of all of that Gunn lets, Gio basically manipulate him into killing that demon. Gunn annoyed me when they all got to the club because he struggled so much to make the right choice. I was honestly afraid that he was going to kill Angel( though not really otherwise the show would be over). Oh and he also annoyed me when he was questioning Wesley about investigating the deaths of the demons. You’ve been in this game long enough to realize that not all demons are evil/bad, such as the Host, and for you to just group all demons together as bad is ignorant and stupid. Especially coming from a black man! Come on Gunn get your fucking act together. My favorite part was when Wesley laid down the law, basically reminding everyone who is really in charge at Angel investigations.


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