Season 3, Episode 2 (That Vision Thing)

“ I’ll just deal with the consequences when they happen.” You got to be fucking kidding me Angel. I was so annoyed with him this entire episode. First, he didn’t even try to save Cordelia on his own before caving to Lilah. Then he doesn’t even ask who he is rescuing. Sure she very well may have ignored his question or refused to answer but c’mon Angel. You have got to do better than this. This was definitely a filler episode I think. Right? They’ve already introduced Holtz as the possible bad guy. They wouldn’t have two bad guys in such a short amount of time, would they? I hate when series do that. I feel like it’s an excuse to not just develop on bad guy fully. You have to be able to see the bad guys point of view for them to be a bad guy. If I can’t relate to the bad guy in some way, even small, then I don’t think that it is a very good bad guy. Again when will Angel and Cordelia just reveal their feeling for each other already!! I’m tired of the games y’all. Awww and Fred is so cute! I can’t believe they are already trusting her with tasks, but it gives me hope that they won’t kill off her character. Back to Angel, is no one going to call him on killing that guy? Like yeah, he fucked with Cordelia and could have killed her, but he was just doing a job he was hired for. If you’re going to kill someone kill Lilah, she is the mastermind behind this. Plus he wasn’t even given a fair fight in the end. So Darla isn’t a good mother, I can’t say I am surprised that she tried to kill her child. I actually would’ve been more surprised if she all of a sudden turned matronly. My favorite part of this episode was the casual conversation Angel had with the guard. I just about died when they started talking about the commute to work.


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