Season 3, Episode 5 ( Fredless)

Awww I really enjoyed this episode. I loved that Fred got her own episode so early in the season. I totally fell for the “Fred’s parents are evil” storyline. It seemed so simple, especially because I really did not want Fred to leave. So if her parents had to be evil in order for Fred to stay I was totally fine with it. In the end, I’m really glad Fred finally found her place in the group.  Even though I really liked Fred I was tired of her being the defenseless damsel in distress character. We all knew she was really smart and it was getting annoying that she was relying so heavily on Angel and everyone else in the group, for even simple things like leaving the hotel. I was also annoyed with how little Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn seemed to know about Fred. Come on guys she has been living with y’all for months and the only things you know about her is that she likes tacos and once worked at the library. That is so very sad. Anyways I can not wait to see what other bad ass invention Fred comes up with! Also, poor Lorne seems so depressed about the bar. Gunn really needs to offer to help fix the bar, especially since it was partially his fault that it got destroyed. But Lorne also needs to remember who helped him back in his home dimension. My favorite part is a tie between the moment Fred lists what each member of the group does for the group ( Angel is the champion, Wesley is the brains, Cordy is the heart, Gunn is the muscle) and when she and angel are on their ice cream date in the sewers.


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