Season 3, Episode 6 ( Billy)

Two episodes back to back where the women are powerful and strong! Ok, I see you Joss Whedon, especially for this showing being over 10 years old that is impressive.  It is about time that Cordy is learning to fight, she has been with Angel since the beginning and really should have been trained from the very start. It makes me sad that the writers most likely wrote that Cordy was being trained because of what Billy could do. But ignoring that small doubt, in impressed with Cordy and Lilah. Cordy didn’t just let Angel handle the situation himself or let Angel take all of the blame. In the end, she was the one that found Billy first and I do believe that she would have shot him with that arrow if Angel did not stop her. And Cordy convinced Lilah to help, something that Angel was unable to do, by tapping into her bitch persona. Definitely, would have never thought of that myself so way to go Cordy. I’m not sure if I’m happy that Lilah killed Billy. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy he is dead, but I wonder if she did that for the betterment of the world or because it would hurt her career if Billy was to get away. I want to give Lilah the benefit of the doubt but she’s evil so I’m not really sure she deserves it. Oh for a minute I thought Cordy was going to torture Lilah, and I promise I’m not a sadistic person, but I would have been totally fine with that. Anyways on to lighter things, Wesley and Fred?? I’m not sure if I like them as a couple but I’m interested in seeing how it will play out. I just don’t like the idea of two really smart people together like that is their only option. Smart people can be with brawn as well as brains. My favorite part when Gunn tried to rescue Fred but only ended up making things worse. So Fred handled Gunn and Wesley by herself.


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