Season 4, Episode 4 (Carpe Noctem)

I normally don’t enjoy episodes where characters switch bodies because it seems so obvious to the viewer that character is different. I think Angel did body switching well. Yea I knew from the start that it wasn’t Angel, but I could see how the others still thought Angel was the same. They kept everything very vague, plus this old man ( i literally just got done watching the episode but I already forgot this man’s name and I’m too lazy to look it up) had a lot of experience switching bodies so he knew how to act without arousing suspicion. I’m most disappointed in Lilah, I felt like she of all people should have known that Angel was acting differently. Not only does she know that Angel despises everything about her and Wolfram and Hart and would never accept her help under any circumstances, but she should also know him like that back of her hand. You know what they say, “Know thy enemy more than you know thy self”, or something like that. The point is she should have realized that it wasn’t Angel, especially when he started drinking alcohol! Sure if he was Angelus he would trick her into sex so that he could bite her, but even as Angelus he surely wouldn’t be drinking alcohol. It’s not like he needed to get Lilah drunk so that she would sleep with him. I would have loved for “old man” Angel to go out in the sun and for him to learn the hard way he was a vampire. They made discovering that he was a vampire too easy for the old man. Omg, I almost forgot how this episode ended: BUFFY. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. First, let me start off by saying that I am not a huge fan of Buffy, I find her treatment of Angel especially rude. Anyways I can’t believe she is alive again. I am so tired of this Buffy story line, every time Angel could possibly move on to a healthy relationship up pops Buffy. She needs to leave Angel alone, especially because I don’t believe that she is the love of Angel’s life. She definitely taught Angel how to love again, but calling her the love of his life is going way too far. I swear to god if she pops up in the season I AM GOING TO SCREAM. My favorite part of this episode was when Fred hit Angel that extra time. He really did deserve it. You go, girl! Overall it was hard for me to choose a favorite part because this episode wasn’t very interesting.


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